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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mail Art for Minori

My Mail Art for Minori had to be something sturdy enough to endure international mailing.  I chose to do a Christmas "CD" for her.  I know it was a November swap, but she loves Christmas and I just had to choose that theme for her.  I started with blank paper and used my Glimmer Mist Candy Apple to cover it.  I then tore a strip of music paper and glued it across the CD.  I cut out an angel and added the red wings and tucked her inside the music paper.  Next I added the "tree" at the left:  I tore a strip of brown paper for the trunk and green strips for the tiers and then added the red rhinestones and bow at the top.  I used a file label to add the sentiment:  "Joyeux Noel!"  I added the "believe" sticker at the top and a thin layer of cotton and at the bottom and stamped two little red birds, cut them out and added them to the snow.  The address label was added to the spine of the CD holder.

For the back I added the two-sided paper from for the back and green to show through to the front.  I again spritzed blank paper with Glimmer Mist Candy Apple and placed a musical score made with washi tape strips across the circle.  Next I placed strips of green polka dot washi tape on the right side of the circle.  Then I tore the picture of the little girls singing Christmas carols from a postcard and placed it above the musical score and over the polka dot washi tape.  Then I added more polka dot washi tape to the left side of the circle.  I stamped two red birds, cut them out and added them to the left side of the circle.  Next I cut out the pink rose and added it to the bottom of the CD and added a faux postage of the little girl writing a letter to Santa over the rose and musical score.  Finally I added the rhinestone star beside the faux postage.
Minori received this Mail Art fully intact!  She was very happy with it........which makes me happy!

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