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Saturday, November 10, 2012

More Charms on My Necklace

 The jewelry charm with the bird stamped onto the heart is from my friend Minori Yasuda.  I'm loving this "blue" theme!  The beads at the top include a blue lady bug.  ")
The little medallion at the bottom of the charm makes me think of a nest full of blue eggs.  Thank you, Minori!

The next charm is from my friend Jan Bender.  Once again the bird theme is repeated and I love it!  I don't know where Jan got this image, but isn't it great?!  The bird is soaring across the sky and captured in inside this glass and bezeled frame.  Hanging from the frame is this lovely birdcage.  Thank you, Jan!
The flower jewelry charm is from my friend Marsha Hinds.  It is a 3 dimensional piece.  She titled it "Stained Glass Window"  and that is so appropriate!  It really has the look of stained glass.  I think it must be two colors of clay rolled together because there are contrasting streaks thoughout the piece.....just like stained glass!  She has painted the flower a vivid pink and there is a crease in each leaf painted like a black/white border.  Thank you, Marsha!                             The next charm is from my friend Barb Wenkel.  Barb used ultra thick embossing powders (UTE) to make an original piece.  While the powders were still hot, she impressed a swirl stamp into it.  Then she added some gold to the piece and added the blue rhinestone in the corner.  On the back there are gold swirls.  Thank you, Barb!

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