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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Artwork is Artwork

Pretty scarey, huh?!   I had all this gear on and my windows and patio door open to give a nice flow of air through the room.  I really had no idea that all my shortness of breath was going to end up being COPD.  and, I guess I had never had a chest x-ray before this visit to the Dr.  I remember having "walking pneumonia" about 20yrs ago, but the dr did not take a chest x-ray...........just listened to my lungs.  Certainly has changed the way I'm living............where I go and how close I stand to anyone that has a cigarette in their hand.

Anyway, the boxes I am painting in this photo ended up being "marques" on buildings to represent Time Square.  Lots of trial and error with all those markers...........not many proved to be all they were advertised to be............"bright" colors soon faded and "wide" tips fell short of the mark.  ")

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