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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cowgirl project

I'm in a group of artists that have chosen to do a "packet" swap for the next few month.  I received my first packet from Judi.  She had lots of cowgirl pictures and western style embellishments included in the packet.  I started a trio of collages with this brown leather-look paper.  Next I cut a section from a retailer's sack that had advertisements on it.  I sewed this section to the bottom of the collage and made pockets by sewing it into three sections.  Also included in the packet was a selection of cowgirl playing cards.  I chose Calamity Jane and Poker Alice for the two large pockets.  The name "Deadwood" decorated the back of the cards, so I cut along each side of the word and made a tag from one of the other cards to place in the narrow center pocket.  I had some beautiful yellow gold letters that I used to spell out COWGIRLS at the top of the collage.  I attached a silver star in the upper right-hand corner.  I used a brown strip of leather and made a ribbon secured in the center with a brown brad and attached it to the front of the center pocket.  I tore out one of the cowgirl pictures and edged it with a brown inkpad and attached it to the left pocket front.  Next I used red thread in four buttons and attached one next to the cowgirl picture and three to the top of the pocket on the right.  I used some thin brown twine to sew the shell buttons to the bottom of the collage.  Finally I attached the metal "Destiny" tag next to the brown leather ribbon.  Everything in this collage was included in the packet except the red thread and the brown twine.


  1. This is really great Sharon! Looks like Judi provided enough collage materials in your packet too!

  2. Sara, this was so much fun! It took me some time to decide exactly what I was going to do, but once I started it just flowed. ") Yes, there were lots of materials in the packet....almost couldn't decide what to use!