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Monday, February 21, 2011

Cowgirl Center Collage

I loved this piece of paper with jeans on it and used it as the main focus of this piece.  I cut a slit at the top of the back pocket to slide the ticket into.  The tag on the ticket says:  "Ticket for One to Kansas City".  I used the piece or corrugated cardboard on the right side of the piece.  I tore it on the left side and swiped it with a turquoise inkpad.  I glued the netted ribbon over the right side of the cardboard.  I used the piece of paisley blue paper at the bottom of the piece.  I tore it in a jagged line and attached it, leaving a piece "open" to slide in the photograph of the little cowgirl.  She had a rope in her hands and I manufactured one out of twine and attached it to the photograph.  I used a piece of the torn cardboard to attach along the top of the back pocket to reinforce it.  I used the gold stars at the top of the waiste band and below the photograph.  I made a looped ribbon secured with a brown brad and attached it to the lower left corner of the collage.  Next I tore around the photo of Annie Oakley and edged it with a brown inkpad.  I used a tiny clip to attach it to the right side of the collage over the corrugated cardboard strip.  I tore out the "Cowgirl up" sentiment and the photo of the girls on the horses and edged both with the brown inkpad and attached them to the upper left corner of the collage over-lapping the sentiment slightly.  Then I used a Tim Holtz charm pin to attach the metal disc "Journey" to the netted ribbon.  Finally I udsed the metal corner guards on the left-hand corners of the collage.  (All materials were in the swap packet.)


  1. I think the background paper is perfect for your project. And I like the added touches you did for your piece like the rope and textured ribbon. Very clever making a pocket for the ticket too!

  2. Thanks, Sara. I really wanted this piece to stand out and have all those little "extra-
    special" touches for Judi.