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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Library Card mini-book

This is the Library Card Pocket mini-book that I made for my friend, Sara, in our local art group.  I painted some watercolor paper with thinned down red and let dry.  Later I added the swipes of thicker red and used a leather tool to make imprints into the thicker part of the paint.  I used a small lid and dipped it into ultramarine blue and made rings randomly on the paper.  Lastly, I dripped green paint over the paper.  After it was completely dry, I made the book covers for this mini-book.

I chose to do definitions.  Thus, the title "Define It!"
Each page inside has various words defined and tags in the pockets that continue the theme.  I used little tabs on the fronts of the pages and attached typewriter alphabet stickers to them so that they spell out "DEFINE" when laying closed.  I attached the red ribbon underneath the covers and then added a red velvet leaf to the front of the book.


  1. Sharon....this book rocks! I am thrilled that you have your blog so now that the world can see your amazing artwork!

  2. Sara, Thank you so much. You are such an inspiration to me. I've been learning alot about setting up pages here, but still have more to learn. I'm so happy you like the little "Define" book I made for you. It is such a joy to make something for someone who really appreciates it.