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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Stamp Diva Round Robin 2015 completed....

 For my Alphabet round-robin book ,
Jan used the "B" page for "Bicycle".  I was so pleased because I have a great fondness for bicycles.  I thought she used some wonderful bicycle images for these pages.  The children in the bottom image on the second page are so reminiscent of my days with my brother and my cousins as we rode our bicycles down our street carrying a "hitch-hiker" on the back.  Thank you my friend and art sister, Jan.

                                    Marsha's   pages:
 These pages featuring those sweet little "House Mouse" critters are perfect for her "F" pages she has entitled "friends".  The quote on the second page says:  "Friendship isn't a big's a million little things."  These pages are full of such friends engaged in numerous activities.  I love all the action here.

Marsha chose the letter "M" for a second set of pages.  Wonderful movie images!
Love the camera on the tripod.  I can almost hear:  "lights, camera, action!"  The gold letters and star and such a great touch to bring out the theme of this page.
I'm so glad Marsha used her own handwriting to make the "Movies" word marquee on the second page.  She wrote all around "Movies" words that are associated with this "scene", so to speak.  :)   Thank you, Marsha!  What a great friend and art sister for doing two wonderful two-page layouts for me!

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