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Friday, August 29, 2014

Masterboard Published

 This is Stampington's Take Ten Autumn 2014 issue.  I'm very excited to have my masterboard published in it!  I love going to the mail box and finding that I've received one of their magazine's with some of my art work in it.  This page shows the masterboard and one of the cards that I made with a panel cut from it.  
This page shows three more cards with panels cut from the masterboard.  I love making master- boards.  I never know what the finished work will look like when I start a piece.  Thank you Stampington for allowing me to be part of your publication!


  1. Congrats and congrats! You are an amazing artist and Stampington & Company probably jump with joy each time you send in a submission!

  2. Thank you, Sara. It is so nice of you to say so. I love a challenge and really look forward to trying my hand at many of their fun topics. But it is a great feeling to have something published. ")