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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Eating on the I'ile

Judi is standing in the doorway of the most famous ice cream parlor in Paris.  It is also on the ile Saint Louis.  Right behind her you can see a large, magnificent bouquet of flowers on a stand as you enter the shop.

 In this photo Pat took of me, you get a better view of the bouquet.
This is a triple dip ice cream.  I chose almond, choc. chip, and tiramisu.  A curved, thin almond wafer stands at the back of  the bowl to showcase this delicious dessert.  Well worth the visit!  We did not have to stand in a line to get in as most guide books will tell you is often the case.  In fact, the shop was not full at all and this was a Saturday afternoon. 

The waitress graciously took this photo of us.  We had such a wonderful time together.
     This is such a beautiful restaurant on the ile, and no, we did not eat here.  Photo courtesy of Pat Rogerson.

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