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Monday, November 14, 2011

La Labrouette

Ahhhhhhh, creme broulee......we had it several times, but here it was the creamiest and most flavorful.

Judi really enjoyed it, too!  ")   We had also had a wonderful onion soup, which we had tried at other restaurants, but not as thick and tasty as here.  I highly recommend this little spot to anyone visiting Paris in the Latin Quarter.

A pretty smile from Pat..............what a great help she was to us constantly on this trip.  How nice to finally meet an "online" friend and find them to be exactly in person as they seem online.  A great friend, indeed!

Pat took this photo of the Labrouette Cafe in the day time.   How different it seems at night...... of course, it's very busy then.  ")
(The end of our 6th, sad.....half our trip over and so much more we wanted to do and stretch out our time with one another.)

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