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Monday, October 17, 2011

I have a copy of MINGLE.......

......that I am dying to give away!!!   I will be counting the
comments and whose friends have signed in on Oct. 28!
Contact those friends.......................


  1. I hope I'm posting in the right place to say that Jan White gave me the info on this blog. I've seen lots of pictures, but this is fun. Good luck Jan - hope you win the mag! Jan Bender - St. Charles, MO

  2. Yes, Jan, this is the place! So glad you're having fun here. I can't wait to get all my Paris photos uploaded and my story finished. ") (some of the photos will be courtesy of Jan! ") Thanks for posting!

  3. Hi, I am Jan White's friend and my friends and I visited with Jan this weekend and we got to see many of her pictures of Paris. It looked liked you all had a lot of fun. My name is Kristi Valenti - St. Peters, Mo

  4. Hi, Kristi, good to have you. We did have a lot of fun. Jan took some great photos while in Paris and I may use a few of them here (giving her the credit, of course!). So, check back often to see what's been posted every day. ") Thanks for joining in the contest!