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Friday, May 7, 2010

Top of train case

I love my train case!  I was so worried that the finished project was not going to look good.  Collage is something with which you have to keep tinkering.  The trick is not to over do it...........or leave it lacking in so many areas.  I think I always fear that I'm adding more than is needed.  But, I must say I am satisfied with this finished project.  ")  Here you can see some of my medallions:  BIRD, the blue bird and the piece of music "At Sunset".  I notice that I have about four faux postals on the top of my case, but they really seem to be the blending pieces.  This was a challenging project (and you know how I love a challenge!) and I am so thrilled that I tackled it.  ")  Sometimes I look at a project and say to myself, "Oh, I could do that."
And. then, when I have jumped in feet first, I get a little nervous that maybe I can't do that.  LOL  But it is always good to stretch your creativity....spread those wings a little farther out...........   Happy Creating, everyone!


  1. This is really lovely Sharon. Love to see it in person. Must have been a really fun class.

  2. Thank you, Susan. It was a really fun class! I hated to break for lunch! LOL I was so busy for hours without realizing how much time had passed. My b'day was the next day, so I didn't go back the second day. Sara gave me the details to finish my case and I did that at home. I just love it. ")