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Monday, May 10, 2010

Altered Bingo Card for Pat

This is the Bingo card I altered for Pat, my swap this month in my art group.  Pat specified that she wanted these Jenni Bowlin pink Bingo cards.  I first inked the edges of the Bingo card with a pink inkpad.  Next I used a cotton swab and sepia inkpad to add an aged look around each square.  I had the doll in mind already, but really wanted to leave the Bingo numbers visible.  I really thought about tearing papers and making a background, but that seemed to defeat the whole "Bingo card" idea.  I looked at Fifth Child Studio's blog and viewed some of the cards that Sara has altered.  I was thrilled to see (and read) that she chose to leave most of the Bingo card visible as a Bingo card.  So, after being inspired by some of her works, I continued on my altering journey.  I love the epoxy square and heart in the middle of the card.  I have had it for some time and knew this would be the place to use it.  The doll is put together from some of the rubber stamps from Catherine Moore.  I stamped this dress on several decorated pieces of paper to see which I thought would look best with this color theme.  I added a sticker heart border to the bottom of the dress and then used the peel-away portion of the sticker border at the top of the card.  I thought these red foil wings just really made her a stand-out doll.  ")  And, of course, she needed something to hold in her hands.  My first inclination was that it should be a heart.  But, while rummaging around in my embellishments, I spied these Bingo buttons, also from Jenni Bowlin.  It was just the perfect item.  When I tied the red string on the button, it just seemed natural to hang a heart charm from it.  (I did not have red string, so I cut a piece of string and dipped it into a bottle of Liquitex Naththol Crimson acrylic ink.)  I added two hand cut hearts from a reversable paper diagonally across to the "free" heart space.  (Notice that I used one side on the first heart, and the reverse side on the second heart.)  I chose this beautiful ruby red tatted lace (bought from Croppinsville) to decorate the left side of the card.  I stamped the word "Doll" on the right side of the card.  I then computer generated the quote and printed it out.  I cut around the quote, edged it with pink ink and adhered it to the lower left of the card.  I thought she needed a little hat, so I cut the little chapeau from a piece of ruby red felt and attached it to her head.  Last of all, I randomly added single heart stickers.


  1. Pat is going to absolutely love this piece of art you made for her Sharon. Great job!

  2. Thanks, Sara............your artwork was an inspiration to me for this project! ")