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Saturday, December 26, 2009

snow pics

The pics of the snow is the first blizzard we have ever had here in my lifetime.  I got out and trudged through the snowdrifts to photograph this phenomanon.  I love the pic of our bench by the river!


  1. You would have loved being raised in Iowa....more snow than you can possibly imagine. 20ft snow drifts, 15 degrees below zero, white outs where we had a rope from the house to the barn that you held onto so you would not get lost! All farm animals were rounded up from the fields before the storms and placed in pens surrounding the barn. It was so cold that the muscus in the nose of the animals would freeze if left outside in the fields.

    Snow in northern Iowa would begin around the first of November and finally melt away around the end of April to the first of May.

    That was pretty much how it was for my eighteen years there. For some reason, I don't miss the blizzards we had. One year, we missed over 30 days of school due to white outs. The local pilot dropped off groceries to those who couldn't make it to town. I think that is why we always had gobs of horses.

    Love the photos you took. Snow does make the earth look peaceful like nothing else!

  2. I don't think I would have LOVED it, Sara! LOL I think what we had here was enough for all winter!